Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright for Struggle

You know how you hate those people who say things like "Last night was wild!"? Well prepare to hate me, because last night was WILD. It was a roller coaster ride of thrills and chills and all sorts of happenings. I spent the first part of my evening attending a video installation themed theatrical piece created by Colombian Theater Company Teatro Mapa. I watched a stocky Colombian woman prepare some sort of fried corn dough object as footage of the destruction of a neighborhood in Bogota played behind her on giant white panels. And that was pretty much all it was. I understand that at it's heart there may have been so much more then that, perhaps it was celebrating the rich and varied history of Columbia, it's people, it's culture, the destruction that gang warfare and drug cartel have wrecked on the community. Possibly. But, as my friend Gabriel noted, something must have been lost in translation, because from what I could figure out this was a 80 minute cooking lesson with colorful moving scenery. What have I gained from this experience, you might ask me? Well, they gave us the fried dough business at the end of the show and now I know I NEVER want to go to Bogota. Seriously, that place looks scary.

Still reeling from the impossibility of this production, I met up with a few friends for drinks. Ah drinks. But I digress. Some friends of mine had wanted to go to a party hosted nearby, so we set off into the night to attend said event. Well, I must say, by not-Yale standards this party was pretty, what is the term the kids are using nowadays, raging? Is that it? Whatever it is, this soiree was that. People were spilling out of the building like water from a basket. When I inquired as to where these people had come from, I was told that this was the celebration of the 25th year anniversary (that's silver, for those of you playing along at home) of an Improv Group here at not-Yale. Now, I think I have made my thoughts and feelings about improv fairly clear, but I did know a lot of these people and this was free alcohol, so I was in. Once inside the event I had the startling realization that many of the people in attendance were alumni of not-Yale. Here is the funny thing about alumni of not-Yale, they don't become much cooler, but they DO become more nostalgic for their experience here. They also become lousy drunks, but, you know, college is another world. Additionally they talk about themselves QUITE a bit, but, you know, welcome to not-Yale. I must say, however, there is something supremely amusing about watching a group of drunk former college students attempt to use the English language properly. One bright spot was seeing my gloriously gorgeous friend Ashley Fox, whose presence highlights my life. Speaking of highlights, here are some of the strugglesome things I did while wandering around this party:

1. I told a distant acquaintance that I have a massive friend crush on him because I recently found out about his deep seated love for Battlestar Galactica.
2. I hugged my friend Alex so hard I think I might have broken the poor girl.
3. I lost the friends I entered the party with. Major bad party behaviour.
4. I roamed the house for a good thirty minutes trying to find a bathroom. Lost that battle.
5. I gave up on the bathroom and went for chinese food. Delicious delicious chinese food.

You know who sings pretty? Priscilla Ahn. She shares her last name with my friend Presca, so she automatically rises above any struggling that might come her way.

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