Monday, June 22, 2009

Tonight's Forecast Predicts Struggle

Now, I must preface this post with the acknowledgment that I have indeed discussed the weather before, and I recognize the material might be getting a little stale for you, but bear with me. See, the thing about the weather is, it deeply affects my life. It deeply affects the lives of people who live on the east coast. Denizens of California might not understand this, and I doubt Washington State even notices changes in the cloudy cover, but the climate really can ruin your day, and not just in an inconvenient truth sense. I was once talking with a friend from California and she was like, I really never understood how people could talk about the weather until I came to the East Coast. And I was like, yes. We can. All day. Because in this part of the country what happens outside really will change the way you live your life. For example, I bike everywhere, it's my primary method of communication. So for me, when the weather changes, or darkens, or becomes the universe of torrential downpour, as Struggledelphia has decided to do of late, my life because a big wet mess of awful. Yay, summer.

This Saturday morning as I woke up blearily and scowled into the smiling face of the woman who gave birth to me I cursed past-Leah, who decided to schedule an appointment for 10am on a Saturday. Damn past-Leah, always ruining things. Future-Leah's going to way better then this, I swear. Turning my head from my mother to the window I cursed louder and more colorfully as I gazed out into the pour rain. Gotta love the weekend.

Now, I don't know how many of you have biked around an urban environment in the rain, but let me assure you, it is both dangerous and stupid. While I generally find biking to be a pleasant and productive method of getting from point A to point B and burning some calories as you do so, biking in the rain is like running through a car wash, and here in Strugglephila it's like running through a car wash while over-weight gentlemen in poor fashion choices alternately whistle at you and scream at you. Having been cut off and nearly killed many times I found myself screaming at one particularly aggravating mister "I'm saving the environment, what are YOU doing?". I think it's fair to say I get more done before 10 am then most people do all day.

Soaked, hungover and horse from screaming, I took comfort in soup from a shockingly shady little Chinese food place at 8th and Girard. Take a look at the photo I slyly took as they prepared my lunch. Drug front? Organ market? You decide.

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