Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Struggle Shops Around

I love food shopping. I love it as much, if not more, then regular shopping, because you don't have to try anything on and face the cruel judgmental dressing-room mirrors and their stupid awful lights, nor do you have to deal with salespeople, at least, not ones telling you that bedazzled sweatsuits are all the rage this year. If I wanted to live in the Disney channel I'd call Selena Gomez.

But not only do I love food shopping, I love food shopping at the Chinese Market on 5th and Spring Garden right here in Struggledelphia. Not only is it filled with all kinds of items, from ramen noodles to tripe, but it is a hilarious journey of asian and american items, interspersed at random. Take a gander:

Asian food, is it? Any particular kind? No then? That's cool...

Afternoon snacks made easy!

It's so important to have beverage options, don't you think? Mmmmm, refreshing!

Who needs dinner theater? Point me towards a supermarket and I will make a night of it all by myself.

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