Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Struggle is Worth A Thousand Words: Beijing Edition

Here's the thing about me: I'm a super creeper. When not challenging strangers to trivia contests and whiskey drinking races, I'm the person at the edge of the party, taking pictures, catching uncomfortable moments and suprise instances of double chins (a tragedy common to all but maybe Kate Moss, and I dislike her, so she doesn't win this one). And here's the thing about China, it's practically made for staring. It's like New York Fashion week, all kinds of crazy things are going on, everyone is wearing heels, and no one seems to have heard this rumor about "pants". You replace Anna Wintour with Chairman Mao and you are in business, baby. (By the way, if Beijing had a Fashion Week next year, you heard it here first. I'd say China would owe me money, but I think we all know how that nation feels about copyright laws...)

Anyway, considering that not only did I elicit looks everywhere I went, especially in Beijing, and will be included in more then one chinese family's photo album ( I'm not going to tell you the number, but I was asked to pose with quite a few smiling Chinese families and even had some solo photos snapped of me with various camera phones. I now know how Brangelina feels, obviously), I decided it would be perfectly socially acceptable for me to retaliate in kind. Turnabout is fair play, right?

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  1. 能猜得出女人真實年齡的男人也許耳聰目明,但肯定毫無大腦。哈哈! ..................................................