Monday, March 29, 2010

Struggle Gets Dishy: Netherlands Edition

You know, people keep talking about how people from the United States eat like pigs. To this I would reply, right back at ya, Europe. And while you mock us for the McDonalds and the Taco Bell, may I please draw your attention to the frit shops that litter Belgium like greasy little dandilions. Judge not, baby, lest ye be judged.

However, if you aren't worried about your waistline but do enjoy a nice bite, and you find yourself in Holland ( a lot of requirements there, but bear with me) take the time to go to Haarlem (or Delft or Leiden, any of the little Randstad towns bordering Amsterdam) on a Saturday, where cheerful towheaded Dutch youths will explain to you every aspect of cheese production and you can find, thanks to Holland's rich colonist history, loempias (spring rolls) lachmaju (also known as turkish pizza), delicate french pastry, greek salad, and bread originating the world over.  (Don't go NOW though, if you are a chosen person, because, well,  Happy Passover, though I never see much that's happy about giving up the BEST THING EVER  for like, 8 whole days. How did Atkins Dieters DO this?) These weekend food markets are delightful and informative, and will challange your weight but not your wallet, which is a rarity here in the Netherlands, a country that invented the first stock market and has only gotten pricier from there.

Resting from your travels and munchings, have some restorative mint tea. Served everywhere in Holland, they make it with fresh mint leaves and honey and it's suprisingly divine. Just the taste makes you feel ready to go and eat something else.

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